My First hair product review

New hair products

Hi everybody welcome to my first hair product review. I have been wanting to try these products for ages. I have seen so many reviews on the Shea Moisture range and always wanted to try them, but they were out of my price range to try and for them not to work. One day I just thought, life’s too short for regrets and my local beauty store had them on offer. YAY!!!

Life’s to short for regrets.

My first purchase was the Raw Shea Butter extra moisture transitioning milk and the Raw Shea Butter damage, repair hair and scalp serum. I wanted to get the shampoo and and conditioner but they did not have any. So I ended up going for the Manuka Honey and Mafura oil Intensive hydration shampoo and the conditioner. I chose these products as my hair needs extra moisture and intensive hydration.


As time wasn’t on my side I decided to go and wash my hair. I usually apply oil to my hair twist and leave under a cap. This time I went straight for the wash.

  1. Wet hair with warm water.
  2. Apply generous amount of shampoo. ( I had quite a bit of build up so had to wash three times)
  3. Rinse with warm water.
  4. Apply a generous amount of conditioner. Put hair under cap for 45 mins.
  5. Rinsed hair with luke warm water
  6. Wrap towel around hair to take off excess water. (I do not dry)
  7. I then added my Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner
  8. Shea Moisture Extra moisture transitioning milk
  9. Rub a few drops of serum and applied to hair and scalp.
  10. Twist

So this is how  I know that my hair lacks moisture, it drank up the conditioner, there was 0 slip and my hair looked like I had barely put any conditioner on my hair. I used quite a lot of conditioner and still my hair drank. Anyway I decided not to to put any more and covered it with a hair cap for about 45 mins.


I absolutely love these products. The first thing that I noticed was the smell. I really liked it. Not too sweet and fancy, but the kind of smell that left that kind of  natural smell. After the first shampoo my hair felt so good and soft. After the second and third I couldn’t stop washing my hair. I started to wonder if I even needed the conditioner. I couldn’t stop running my hands through my hair.

Time for the conditioner. Now if you are like me I don’t take too much care of my hair like I should. Hence the constant breakage and dryness. There are moments when I am on it and there are moments when I find the process just way too much. So by the time I applied the conditioner my hair was in serious knots. They were clumped together with no hope of de-tangling and as my hair lacked hydration and moisture they were not in a good way. However my roots and the hair strands that were not knotted was so soft. The conditioner was such a bonus to the feeling of my hair and the hydration. I made the right choice with this.

NOTE: Sometimes it is not always what you use but how you manage your hair. These products work well, but my lack of constant care can cause these problems.

Love the transitioning milk and hair serum, added bonus to the regime. The milk feels so light and you don’t need much. I put a lot out of habit but you actually don’t, just use what your hair needs. The oil is the same just one or two drops. I always make sure I rub products in my hand before applying.


I tied my hair back and put a hair net on then wrapped it with my satin scarf.


Although I am happy with the product thus far, only time will tell if it is working for me. unfortunately for me I have the type of skin and hair that a product works really well only once or twice then nothing. So I am hoping that this isn’t the case. That being said I will be purchasing the shampoo and conditioner in the Raw shea butter range.

So that is it. My first product review for my hair.




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