Freetress Nari review

Wig 1So my first lace front wig review is here. What can I say I  love it. So let me just dial back a bit. Well summer is here well at least it is supposed to be it was time for a new look. I opted for tighter curls as the last two hair styles I did were loose curls. Originally I wanted a different wig but couldn’t find it so I done some research on YouTube and I found this wig. @freetress lace front in the style of Nari. Colour F33/32/240. When I first received the box I thought oh no it is darker than I thought. But then I took it out of the box and it was perfect. The darker colour is at the bottom and the lighter shades are at the top. The wig is layered nicely and unless you want a specific cut there is no need to cut it. Saying that you might want to add some bangs if you want to go for that style.

The wig has combs on either side of the cap and at the back. It also has straps so you can adjust the fitting. Big thumbs up for that one. The hair itself is really soft and the curls are lovely. They are soft and bouncy and tend to grow quite quickly. It wasn’t long before the curls became less defined which for some might find this a bonus as it gives it a more natural feel. I don’t mind it, however I worry about the longevity of the wig.

The downfall on this wig is that you can not create a natural parting as the lace front only goes in by a couple of millimetres. That was quite disappointing. However there is a lot of hair at the front, which gives room to customize your hair-line.


Lovely, lovely, lovely wig. Fits really nice and I really love the colour. It frizzes out a little too easy for me and worry it might look at hot mess before long, but only time will tell. It is soft and looks fantastic on. The colour is everything.

Make up: @goshcopengahen and @maybelin @Mua

Jewellery Necklace from @warren James

Shirt @primark.

wig review

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