The must have crafter

A crafters must have cover

Ok so this isn’t the true picture I have much more. But these I  had to throw away because they dried up. Oh the crafters shame. Yes, the need to have everything crafty otherwise you would just not be able to craft. I have told myself this so many times, just so I have an excuse to buy them. Also the demos that you see are also really convincing. I mean you are going to need them at some point right. Except that the some point does not come as soon as you think it will do, if at all.

Yes, the need to have everything crafty otherwise you would just not be able to craft.

I had to be brave and really curve the need to keep them,  in hope that some day it may work. REALLY?!!!! Some items that I spent on were not cheap like those spectrum noir pens that I just had to have. The problem is I never really took the time out to learn to use them properly, so they just sat there looking nice and colourful. Some work but a lot of them don’t. I put off buying them so much that every time I wanted to do a project I needed them, so I just  bought a few packets and guess what? I never did those projects.


As I embark on my journey of self-development everything that I do and don’t do in life leads to either a lesson or a reminder what I need to do. In these instances, I’ve been reminded that I need to set aside time to work on and develop my skills. It is great having all these creative products, but if I can’t use them properly I am just wasting my time. I  always say I’m going to learn, then I get caught up with work, procrastination (which I am glad has dropped down to like 1%) but mainly I’m afraid of making mistakes. If you are anything like me, when things do not come out right, I get very frustrated with myself and I become very unproductive. A cycle, that I need to break.

It is important to set aside time to develop and learn skills in order to become a better you. Work is great. But developing skills and stretching your talents are greater and far more rewarding. There is always time to make self improvements, so why not start today.


There is always lessons to learn in life. You just have to be open to receive them.


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