Ok so I was suppose to be continuing with my organising if you have seen my @analaigh instagram you will know what I am talking about. Anyway’s I am always looking to improve and learn, which is great the down side to it, is that I sign up to these webinars, and online thingy’s and emails and stuff and then I never seem to get to watch them as they launch.

Thank goodness they record them, otherwise I would be just wasting my time and have an over subscribed full of mail in my inbox.

Anyhoo there is one webinar that I decided to watch. Bearing in mind I was in the middle of clearing up and organising and sorting out. (It’s a crafters life) The video was almost two hours long, I was like really I don’t have two hours, but alas I had to find that two hours. I was so glad I did  because I got some really interesting tip bits that I can apply to my blogs and website.

I was so glad I did because I found some really interesting tip bits.

After I watched the video, no I did not go and continue to tidy up, I got myself some lunch and sat and put a dvd on. ‘Simply Irresistible’ with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Thats two days in a row I’ve been wanting to watch a chic flick, yesterday was ‘Material Girls’ with Hillary and Susan Duff. Anyway I spent a lot of time looking at other bloggers instagrams and websites if they had one, and done some thinking.  I am not doing all what I can and what I need to do to make my blog work. The standard is pretty big and I need to step up my game. There was always some type of excuse, and they were lame.

I have a tendency to hold myself back and I have no idea why, I’m creative, I’m bursting with enthusiasm and content and lots of other stuff, so what is my problem. I have no idea. Yes I do. All that hard work, money and time mount into nothing. That thought always finding its way into my head. But I soon kicked that thought out and I am on my way to do the best that I can do and better.  It is a dog eat dog kind of world out there, where the everyday people are not waiting on  some professional with an expensive service to do their work for them, they are doing it for themselves. It’s time I stepped up to that level.

My plates are extremely full on at the moment and I just have to find the way to manage them and get them cleaned and put away. There is so much potential out there I will be a fool not to reach mine.

Oh yes the webinar I was refering to was by wonderlass and Jenna Soard

My advice to you is. Get up show up and go get it done.


Published by Análaigh

Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

One thought on “Homework

  1. I think this post is so relevant to each and everyone of us. And I really do love your honestly and sincerity in what you have written.
    I know I get to speak to you about this but for some reason, reading this has really allowed me in to know you from a professional side of things rather than just a friend and letting me know I’m not alone in my journey because people are facing exactly the same thing. Thank you for sharing this.


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