Feeling lost & defeated

The sun is always shining and will continue to shine on you.DSC00672

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Lets face it. There are times when we feel lost and defeated. There is no more up and go get it, only, you fell down so stay down. Falling down isn’t always a bad thing. When you are down can be a good thing. If you use that time wisely, you can begin to evaluate what is going on and what is not going on in your life. Evaluate what needs to be evaluated. By doing this the healing progress can begin. As we all know we need time to mend any broken bits of ourselves, emotionally or and physically.

These past few months have been quite difficult with so much positive things happening in my life, but yet left feeling un-accomplished, defeated and at times unable to move and I mean move. My brain has the ideas, the plans and the schedules but the rest of me just wants to slow down and worse still come to a complete stop.

Overloaded with successful thoughts and ideas and plans it can be quite difficult to sort what to put first as one always seem to be more important that the other. The raging battle of the mind forever at large and the occasional appearance of my passion and heart will show up to throw things into turmoil and fuel to the ever-growing flame. This is when I have to stop and literally stop and really think what I want or more importantly need to do. Sometimes, I feel to quit everything altogether, get out of this suffocating space and just let go. But the fighter in me always seems to win the battle and leads me to a place where my table is built and rooted, with all my passions and ideas laid out before me. A reminder of why I am the way I am and who I am. A champion in my own right who needs to put back on the armour , take up my sword and fight for my house. Every sense of your self is champion you on, but you want to listen to that small voice who has nothing but defeat in its mists. Why with so much going on would I want to listen to such a voice. Because sometimes it is the quiet voice almost invisible that pierces your every being, makes its way to your soul and strikes you when you are not at your best.

TAKING ACTION                                                                                                                                                 1) Taking action is the best defence against, losing all that work that you have put in over    the years.                                                                                                                                                           2) Taking that fall to self-evaluate is  a necessity to continue your path.                                    3) There is no shame in admitting defeat even if it is temporary.                                                   4) The game plan is to go back and do what needs to be done. Even if it means switching things up a bit.                                                                                                                                                 5) Do not be afraid to let go of something. Do not hold on to it, just because it has been in your life for a while, that includes people. If it is not helping you, then it won’t help you.

This is just a process, some people get it more than others and some deal with it better. We all have our portions that we have to deal with. Get to know yourself and the journey that you are on can be made easier to take.

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Hi and welcome to my blog. I have been a writer from an early age and I am excited that I get to share my thoughts, my experiences with the world. From posts about lifestyle, home, fashion and being creative.

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