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If you are looking to get organised, whether it is for a small or big project or for daily life use. Take a look at ‘My Project Planner’ lite. Here are a few sheets to help you get started and to get some focus back into your life.

Take just 20 minutes,  sit back and start making your life easier. The good thing about planners is that you can use it for any event that is happening in your life. A party, a new business idea, social events or if you just have a busy life.

 Using planners has helped me remember the things I have to do and has kept me focused.  I have also found that it has increased my day-to-day productivity and has cut down time-wasting and procrastination.

Follow these easy steps. 

1) Find a suitable time or make time to do your planner. Time is the number one excuse we all use for not getting things done. Sometimes you just have to make the time.

2) Make it an enjoyable experience. When things are bottled inside your head and you have to deal with them, it can sometimes feel like a chore. Remember you are doing this to help you make your life a little easier and run smoother. Embrace in the knowledge that you are helping yourself out for the better.

3) Make sure you are in comfortable surroundings. Whether you are on a desk, your bed or kitchen table. Make sure your environment is a comfortable one. If it helps why not put on some music, something chilled out or relaxing.

Now all you have to do is print.

This comes in a PDF File there are two sizes A4 or A5 30 sheets in total 15 of each. This is a free printable planner.The weekly and monthly planners are left blank so you can use them at any time you like.

Just click pop out icon in the top right corner.

Thank you.

My Prjoct planner promo 1

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