digital declutter

It may not leave a paper trail, but believe when I say a trail is being left behind. Leaving masses of digital foot print can be quite stressful. You get up in the morning and you may want to send a picture that you tool last week and 200 pictures later, you are still looking for it. At this point you have given up and decided, that they wouldn’t be bothered anyway. Then you would switch on your computer or laptop to find you have files all over your desktop. So much so you don’t even know what your wallpaper looks like.

So you’ve looked on in horror at your computer and the first thing you decide to do is go directly to you email. There it is, the number that resembles your pin. 4009 unread messages. As you scroll down to look for anything relevant, five minutes later you are now telling yourself for the tenth time that you are going to sort out your inbox. You told yourself last week and the week before that. No doubt you will be telling yourself that again.

I don’t know about you, but digital mess causes me stress. It reminds me how chaotic I’ve allowed my life to get. Half knowing what I am doing but failing to put it into some kind of order that might resemble some sense.

Oh yes, I forgot.  You know the folders that you have on your hard drive/s you know the ones, you have about a hundred of them. Three of the same category, because you couldn’t remember what folders you had when you wanted to save your work. Yeah those one’s. They need sorting too. Have this as one of your goals or write it down in your todo list. Ok so let’s do this.

1.) Set aside time and dedicate about 30 minutes or more, no less and start organsing. Decide which is more important to organise first.

2) Grab a drink and get comfy. This can be tedious but also rewarding. If you are cleansing your phone, start withthe apps and be really honest with yourself and ask that big question. Do I really need it?  Go ahead and uninstall them. If you really want to use them you can always re-install them.

Delete all unwanted photo’s and video’s. this can take up a lot of memory. Go that extra step and transfer your fav pics from your phone to your computer.

3) Organise your desktop by first looking at each folder and see if you can file the contents with another folder. Delete all those duplicates, files, photo’s you do not need.

4) Unsubscribe from all emails that you thought you were going to read but never got round to it. The one’s you choose to keep, make seperate folders for them by cateogrizing them.

5) If you are like me and you check your social media anyway, do you really need those notifications? No then unsubscribe.




So you have downloaded the planner lite. Now here is the extended version. If you do a lot of work on social media, it is nice to have seperate sheets, that you can look at a glance. I have put together a collection that ties nicely with the printable planner that you can find below.  This also includes a blank sheet to add any social media pages that has not already been re-printed.  Get that focus and hit those goals.





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