Hot Picks April Addition

I think I did something similar in one of my earlier blog posts. I know I do my monthly favs when it comes to beauty I did one where I threw in a couple of other things. Anyway I am going to start this here. Monthly hot pics. In this category it will be things that have got my attention for that particular month. Each category can and will change pending on what I am using or doing during that month. So let me kick this off with ….


My favs when it comes to boxsets is My name is Earl. I loved this show when it came on way back when but I only got halfway through the second season. I am currently on season 4 which is the last season. My name is Earl is a comedy about a man named Earl Hickey who won $100000 on the lottery but before he got to collect the money bad things started to happen to him. After watching the Daley show talking about Karma, it came to him that was the reason bad things happen to him when something good happen. So he made a list of people that he had wronged in the past and set out to make it right, by contacting each person and owning up to the things he did. Just like life, as time went on there was always someone he had to add to the list. But comedy style nothing comes without its hiccups. This comedy has very mild sex and language. It’s one of those comedies that are light and fun and after a stressful day or week you kick of your shows pour a glass of wine pop open the bag of skinny popcorn and enjoy.

There are also interesting characters that at some point help him on his journey and one most importantly his brother Randy Hickey. His ex-wife joy and husband Darnell, who are all funny in their own right.

If you haven’t seen it, the next time you looking for a boxset to watch consider watching My name is Earl.


Next is a tipple that I enjoy. One because it is one of my favourite drinks and that the price is amazing. I know that not everyone likes this type of drink but I love it. One of my favourite drink is the alcoholic ginger beer. I know what you are thinking Crabbies. Although I do love crabbies and when bought in shops is not expensive I’m actually referring to a brand that you can buy in Lidl’s. It is called, Hatherwood The Ginger Grizzley and you can pick one up for a mere £1.25.


This beer like most beers is best served cold and being a lover of lime a freshly squeezed slice or two will finish it off nicely.


My favourite technique is how I apply my foundation. I wet my foundation brush with a fixing spray then apply a small amount of my foundation and in circular motions blend the product. If need be I will apply a little more foundation and continue to blend until I have the desired look. This gives me a softer and more airbrushed finish.

foundation technique


Facial wash of the month is the Garnier skinactive gel wash. I did a full review here. This wash is so smooth and relaxing. After a hard days work and your face has taken a beating with makeup pollution etc, this gel formula I found  it quite relaxing. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and perfect preparation for my night cream.

garnier 3


My song on repeat has to be’ This is me’ sung by the bearded lady or by her real name Kaeala Settle. From the film ‘The Greatest Showman’. This song is everything. It speaks to my heart and soul. If you have not heard it I urge you to go and listen. Click here. Most definitely rent out the film. Yes it is a Musical and a brilliant one at that.

So there you have it my April Hot Picks.


All about the revolution pro Foundation and new orange corrector

pro full coverage and orange correctorThere is no stopping Makeup Rev. I have so many products from them I’m allowed to call them that. Their latest products took a step up from their regular range and they went and got all pro on us. From foundation to lipsticks to nail varnishes and colour correctors. If you already use Makeup Revolution then you know that they always have something new, which seems like every month.

Now by the name, it suggests these products are for those who are looking to go Pro or maybe perhaps who are already Pro’s. To be honest these products can be used by anyone at any level so don’t get put off by the name.


So if they brought out this pro range it must be pro prices right? Actually they are slightly more but not that much more so still very affordable. The Pro Foundation retails at £7.00 Corrector £4.00.

pro full coverage and orange corrector 4

This Pro foundation I bought was the F13. I figured that was my colour because that was the colour I bought in their foundation sticks and their conceal and define products. Colour match is not that great as it has more of a red undertone pretty much the same as their new foundation sticks so that was disappointing, like their sticks I will use it in the summer where my skin gets darker and takes on a more red undertone.

It comes in a 50ml tube and has a medium thickness consistency. This foundation goes on dewy and dries semi matte. A little goes a long way and pending how often you wear makeup, it could last a couple of months.

pro full coverage and orange corrector 5

Next is their orange corrector. I was stumped by this product. I was not expecting a bingo stamp. Lol. Yeah I said it. The product is inside of the cover. I can not tell how much product you get only time can tell. I love the creative design of this bingo stamp but I am not too crazed about the application. It goes on fine in terms of the amount of product that comes out, however if you are looking to apply it in a particular spot it’s going to be a challenge. My best bet is to dab closest to where you want then use either your finger or a small sponge to blend. Alternatively put the product on the back of your hand then apply. Either way this corrector has good coverage and it works well with my foundation.

Have you tried these products? If so leave a comment down below.


My first beauty box Beauty Cocoon

beautycocoonNow we have all seen them, they are everywhere. There are at least a few new subscriptions released every single month. If you are not careful you can become addicted. Yes I am talking about Subscription boxes. There are so many out there. Beauty, skincare, inspiration, boxes for men you name it. Well in March I got my first subscription box. Well just a one off. It was left over stock that they had and you would get one of 3 boxes. It is from Beauty Cocoon and by the name you guessed it, it is a beauty box.

I have always been sceptical about these because if I got things that I didn’t like I would be bumbed out. I know you can cancel but who has time to cancel then sign up again. I know I don’t. But maybe one day I might just subscribe.

Anyway this is what I got in this box. I didn’t know what I was getting in this box, cause I like surprises so I didn’t look at what I could get.

beautycocoon 8First let me start with this eyeshadow. You get three gorgeous colours that are perfect for that night out. Swatching those colours I was impressed by its intensity. They will work well with any Matt colour to give you that celebrity look.

beautycocoon 4To apply this gorgeous palette I got a lovely double ended brush. One end perfect for blending those fab colours and the other a angle brush for applying your eyebrow colour or for cleaning those brows to make them perfect. The bristles are lovely and soft and is the perfect addition to my brush collection. The name of the brush is B Bella NG538.

beautycocoon 6Next is this cosmetic glitter that is great to add that extra sparkle to your eyes or add to your clear varnish. It is a lovely cerise colour and for those of you who like to stand out this is definitely a good gift. It also comes with its glue to ensue the glitter sticks properly to your lids.

beautycocoon 5Studio Shine waterproof lip lustre. This comes in a gorgeous copper colour leaving a shimmering finish. This lip gloss can be worn on its own but can also work well on top of another lip colour. This may not be my everyday colour, but if I’m looking to make a statement, this definately would be the one. It goes on really smooth and has a moisturising feel to it.

beautycocoon 7Lastly is this Melani Mills Gleam Body shimmer in bronze gold. This body bronzer is great to wear for either casual or going out and you are wearing a low or off the shoulder top. If you find it too much or you just want a hint why not blend it with your favourite body moisturiser or cream. It will also be great to put on your face instead of wearing your foundation.

That is all I have to show. Do you subscribe to a beauty box or did you use to subscribe to one?  Let me know your thoughts.


The make up revolution foundation sticks

makeup rev foundation sticksI was so excited when Makeup Revolution brought out these sticks. These gorgeous, pretty packaged delights are a great addition to any makeup revolution fan. They come in 25 fantastic shades and I have 3 of them. F12 for my highlight contour F13 for my shade and F14 for my darker contour.

These sticks retail for a very affordable £5 each and at that price you can afford to choose more than one contour colour. For now I am sticking with the two I got.

makeup rev foundation sticks 1

I find these sticks quite dewy and leaves my face looking quite oiled, but that can easily be fixed with a translucent powder.

Now for the colours itself. I find that my shade and the darker shade has an orange/red undertone which unfortunately doesn’t match my skin tone which is more of a yellow undertone. But as the summer is here and the sun is out, it matches my complexion better. As the darker I get the redder my undertones become.

makeup rev foundation sticks 2


Overall, I am pleased with these products but would probably just use the darker sticks for contour and my shade for the summer months.

Have you tried these fab foundation sticks? If so what are your thoughts?



My go to summer scents. So Body Mist.

so groupAs you can see there are a lot of body mists and perfume here and there is still more to come. As far as I can remember So body Mists have been one of my fav body mists to date. Not just because of the lovely scents that they hold but also their affordability. These scents are affordable to almost everyone, including teens and people on a budget. Being a teen myself when I discovered these scents I was always impressed by their packaging, price and although small their variety. Fast Forward many, many years later and they are still going strong. The assortment of fragrances and mists are to live for. There is a scent for almost everyone.

Over the years they have grown in size, changed packaging and the price has still remained low. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because being a blogger kinda need affordable products to test and review.

so fragrance

This picture is about 2 months old. I have added to it since then.

These are just some of my collection, in total I have 24 and there is still more to get. Before you get out your calculator and start adding up the costs all of them apart from one or two I paid half price or as good as half price. Either from Boots or Superdrug.

These body mists are great for carrying around in your handbag. If you have an impromptu date with a friend and you do not have time to go home. Whip out your mist and off you go. The price ranges from £3.99 up to £10.49 for their perfumes. Measuring 50ml on their perfumes from 100mls to 200ml on their body mists.

They also have gift sets perfect for any fan of this brand or a young woman who is just starting out on their body mist and perfume journey.

To see their collections checkout their website here.

so body mists 2

These are my latest buys. The are the So…? Unique range  I bought these from Boots, I am not sure if they are exclusive to them. I saw only three and just discovered when writing this blog that they have three more. Be sure I be getting those. So…? there are 6 in total and they come in 150ml bottle. (They look just like the victoria secrets body scents).  I love every one of these. I did a quick spray and review on my shopping haul. Click here. These were £5.99 I paid £2.99.


Up next is the So…? range they have 13 in total I think. These are priced at £3.99 there is so much to choose from you are bound to finde 3/4/5 that you like. Two of my latest buys in  this picture are the Pina Colda and the marshmallow, both delightful scents. They come in the 100ml bottle.

so beach

These fragrances I bought as a Christmas gift for myself. To see video click here. This fab range retails for £5.99 I have three of them and have three more to get in this range.

so permists

This next lot was also part of my Christmas treats. However I thought I was buying the perfume. I did not know they did the body mists as well. I was not happy. I was really disappointed with my faux par. The scents themselves are still gorgeous and I’m yet to purchase the actual perfumes. These retail at £4.99 and come in a 100ml bottle. I have just spotted another in this range that I did not know. Next time.

so perfume so

My perfume collection for So…? is micro, especially with my faux par at Christmas. These two scents were also part of my Christmas lists. The fragrances I bought were So Sinful and So Exclusive. Both exquisite both up there when it comes to perfume.

Are you a So fan. Let me know in the comments below.


Night time cleansing

night time routineNight time skincare can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. There are no hard or fast rules as to how you should do your nighttime routine. There are several factors when I consider before I set off on this task. How tired I am, what kind of day I had and how relaxed and stress free I am.


In reality I would love to do my night-time routine in such a way that it is all glam like in the magazines. But sometimes that is just not the case. For a start there are two things that can only make this happen. 1. is a tidy and inviting bathroom, the other is a tidy and inviting bedroom, followed by glamourous bed-clothes (well maybe not the last one) which more often than not my two rooms are uninviting. There are times when I am so tired I just want to flop into bed. I have done this on some occasions, so when i am feeling really tired or I have left my routine way too late in the night/hours  of the morning, this is where the quick wash and go comes in.

night time garnierMost times I use my Garnier Skin Active Micellar cleansing gel wash. This product is so kind to my skin, leaving it feeling cleansed, soft and subtle. I apply one pump into the palm of my hands, give it a quick rub the apply it to my wet face. If I wore makeup or I have been out all day I would use either a manual or electric brush so I can really get the sunk in dirt out.

night time routine pump

night time radiant

I am a big fan of Superdrug’s own Radiant range, they have such a variety to choose from. This cleanser is a foam one. I use one, sometimes two pumps on a konjac sponge or  my hands. This Cleanser is refreshing and leaves your face feeling clean without the drying affect. This is also great to use every night. I sometimes follow-up with the Radiant night moisturiser.

night time b cleanser

This cleanser is also by Superdrug and  is from more of their expensive ranges, but not high end expensive. This exfoliating cleanser is one of my favs to date. Watch my review here. This Cleanser is the one, it leaves your face feeling exfoliated without the harshness like other exfoliating cleansers. The end result is amazing, it leaves my skin feeling like silk and is so smooth I can not stop touching my face everytime I use it. However I tend to use this product mainly in the morning and once in a while at night. When I use this product I tend to go all out followed by their Hyaluronic Acid and either their overnight mask or Night cream.

Do you have a night time routine. If not you should, it helps keep your skin clean and moisturised throughout the night.



Clean and Clear an old time fav

Clean and clear 3Clean and Clear have been going for as long as I can remember. A popular brand of skin care by the teenage group and known for helping with acne and spots. I have always used clean and clear as part of my skincare routine and never really stopped. But since I started blogging and vlogging and decided to step outside my comfort zone by trying other products I had to put aside one of my fav skincare ranges to focus on other brands and skincare that was aimed more towards the more mature market. However upon browsing the shelves in Poundland, I happened upon a clean and clear product I have never seen before and without hesitation put it in my basket.

Clean and clear

The product I bought was the Clean and Clear advantage clear & Soothe foaming wash . It is tough on spots, gentle on skin with natural aloe vera. It is also oil free.

I use one pump sometimes two pending if I wore makeup before or how generally how dirty my face feels. If my face is quite dirty or I wore makeup I would like to use my electric or a manual face brush. Using these apparatus helps give my face a deep clean. If I have been in the house all day and haven’t ventured outside for hours on end then I would use my hands.

Clean and clear 2

I like to  wake up the product by rubbing it in my hands before applying it onto my face. For at least 2 minutes I would go in circular motions using my fingertips, this way I take full advantage of the 2 minutes and give my face a good massage.

I then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Followed by my skincare regime.

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. My face felt smooth afterwards, there was no drying to my face and I think that is due to the Aloe Vera. I use this product day or night. It is gentle to my skin and is a product that I can use day and night.

If you see this product give it a try.


Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define

I am so in LOVE with this product. At an affordable price of £4.00 how could I not try it. You all may have seen heard or even know about this product, but for those of you who are in two minds read on.

mur conceal

This product was launched a few months ago and the  blogging and vlogging world went in. I must have bought this product a few weeks maybe two after it was launched I can not remember. Anyway what I love about this product is the fact that they have 18 colours and colours for black women are not too bad, they can do a few more in between colours but it will do. The consistency is nice and thick and so easy to blend. The colours that I have bought are C13 and a contour colour C14. I want to get C15 and C12 or C11 for contour also.

The application is easy to use  and I have no problems using it.

PROS: I can use it as a foundation and apply it all over my face.

CONS: There is only so much in a bottle so before long I would run out.

It comes in a nice clear glass bottle with a rose gold top and packaging. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest to give it a go. It lasts quite long and blending the concealer shade into my foundation is quite easy and leaves a smooth and well blended finish.  This is a definite re-buy from me, especially if budget is low.

Since I wrote this post they have new shades in-between. Lol. Wow.


Skincare Why care?


Hi everyone hope you are well. Spring should be arriving soon. This post is about why you should care about skincare. The truth is you don’t need to care about skincare. But when further down the line you do not like the way your skin is looking or feeling, then you would know why you should care.

Skincare can take on a number of factors. You can either keep your routine simple, use natural products or over the counter products. If you want you can mix it up. This post is about over the counter products that I have used. I have always taken care of my skin to some degree, but I did not consciously do it. What that means is, that I had a very small routine which consisted of washing my face three times using three different face wash products and then my Ole faithful. Oil of Olay face cream and that was it.

B range

Since venturing in the world of vlogging and blogging I have taken my skincare more seriously. I enjoy looking at different products trying them out and telling anyone who likes to read or watch me and my views.

This first product is B which can be found exclusively at Superdrug. The price ranges are different from product to product.  Anything from £1.99 to £15.00 They have such a wide range of skincare. Face cleansers, eye creams, night masks, contour creams and  serums.  I was actually surprised at the results in this range and would definitely recommend using it. If you have a little more money in your pocket and you want to try something new, I suggest these products. What I like about these products is that they have phases that are for different age groups, so you can pick up products that can be suited for you.

If you check one of my Skincare Sunday video’s I used nothing but this range and my skin felt like silk afterwards. You can check this video out here. #skincaresunday

naturally radiant

This range is the Naturally Radiant range and is Superdrug’s own brand. I fell in love with these products. They have a wonderful range and everything I used, I love. There is more to this range, these are the items that I have and wanted to get at the time. One of my favs is the micro polish. This leaves my face clean and smooth, without too much drying. The price range in this range is £5.99. The majority of the products are this price. However I tend to get these when Superdrug have their buy one get one free offers. If you are looking to start out on skincare I would recommend this product if you want something not too cheap or too expensive. These products are easy on the purse and I enjoy using them.

calm collection

The Calm Skin collection which is also Superdrug’s very own, is the most calming and most peaceful feeling skincare I have used to date. There is something about the scent that they use, that really relaxes me and puts a smile on my face. The smell is quite nostalgic, it reminds me of the past but can not quite put my finger on it. They have a small collection but it covers a lot of the skincare that is needed. Overnight face mask, cleanser, serum, spritz, face oil and blemish gel. I haven’t seen a night cream or  night serum. I have all of the range  and each product is a very affordable £2.99 each. A great price and range if you are just getting started.

vitamin E range

This is another range by Superdrug. This is their Vitamin E skincare collection. The majority of their products are £2.99. The body section of this range is around £3.99 upwards. I am not really a fan of the body stuff. My legs are really dry and I found that the products do not work so good for me. I would recommend using the body products if you do not have such dry skin.

I do love the facial products. It comes with a pleasant smell. To be fair I do not have problematic skin so my skin agrees with the products. My favourite is the serum and the overnight mask. This has a vast collection, oatmeal facial scrub, day and night creams as well as an intense day cream. Hydrating mists duo oil. The list goes on. Again this is a fab range to start out with when you are looking for a skincare to try.



Garnier Ultimate Blends- The marvellous transformer

Hi everyone, I am going to review these two hair products, The Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and the conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner has argan and camellia oils. It is for dry, dull hair and contains no parabens and  nourishes and leaves a glowing shine. This is the first time that I have used Garnier hair products.  I did not think that my hair would benefit from it. So why did I pick it up? Well I was in Poundland and I saw them in there for £2.00 each and I loved the ingredients that they had in there and the orange packaging drew me closer to it.

I never really believed that these products were made or suited for Africa/Caribbean hair. I mean all the hair advertisements never showed people with my textured hair. So there was no reason to believe it would do any good. Technology in hair care and has come  long way and still most products were not catered. However I decided to give this a shot. A full video will be released soon, so make sure you are subscribed here.

I like to dry shampoo my hair as it detangles and softens my hair a lot easier. I would part my hair in sections and apply a generous amount of product and then massage it into my scalp and coat my hair form roots to tips.

This product also contains castor oil and  spinosa oil. After I applied the shampoo my hair felt really soft and tangled free. It has a really nice smell and my hair was left feeling moisturised.

garnier shampoo and conditioner

Now for the conditioner. The conditioner is just as good as the shampoo. I applied it to my hair in sections and worked it through root to tip and I finger combed my hair. I left it under a plastic hat for 30 minutes then I rinsed it out.

I blotted out the water and my hair was so soft. It was not tangled and it did not leave my hair feeling hard or dry. My hair remained soft and moisturised. This product worked wonders on my hair.  Soft moisturised, and with a delightful smell. Will I use it again? Most definitely.


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