My May Favs

May favs

May is well in the middle, meaning that there is only a few weeks left till June. Meaning we are entering the middle of the year. Yikes. So fast already. Anyway beautiful people,  I thought that it was about time to show the makeup that I am loving right now. The setting, the blush and the lips. Yes, there are a few things that are making my face light up, products that are affordable and readily available. Products that because they are in most major high street stores you can enjoy money-saving promotions. Which means more money for makeup. So these are my may Favs.

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Byron Gold – The Affirmation EP Launch

What a night it was. What night? You may well ask, well the night that had people singing, dancing and left wanting more. The night that left us waiting 4 years before he graced the staged, the night that lifted the vibrations in the club, the night of Byron Gold’s Ep Launch, ‘The Affirmation’. I arrived, at the venue 229 near Great Portland street station and entered the empty venue with only myself, Byron, the sound guy,  his backing singers and his musicians, which there were four. Watching them run arround, I waited with anticipation as I watched the band set up. The sound man began plugging in mics and working on his mixing desk, making sure everything was going according to schedule. When the band, Byron and his backing singers where ready, I got to enjoy the making of what I knew was going to be a brilliant night. It wasn’t long before the East London Artist, who originally hails from South London graced us with a collection of music that had you on you feet and singing along even if you didn’t know the words. He wore a stylish faux leather jacket accompanied with grey jeans and a white Tee, and finished off with a pair of white trainers. Byron who always takes pride in his appearance sported a stainless steel, hand linked chain with his initials B G and a bracelet made from semi-precious Jasper stones, both customised and handmade by  Nithria handmade for you.

Byron Gold - The Affirmation (Artwork)

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Active April

Active April 2017 bannerNew month, new challenge. Who is up for it? I know that I am. This month I am going to be focusing on my fitness. Getting my exercise in. I have a lot of fitness to do and I need to get on it. I am a bit of a yo-yo fitness person. Two weeks in and  I am off. I swear I don’t do it on purpose I just get caught up in life and other bits. The thing is I actually like exercising, I enjoy it I just have a problem making time of it. Oh well onwards and upwards.

Like some or most I do not like the way I look on camera and the clothes lets talk about the clothes that are slowly detaching themselves from the seams. I refuse to buy size 18, its like me accepting my increase in size, there is no way, it is depressing enough looking at my clothes that no longer fit.

Anyhoo I decided to do a new challenge this month called Active April  where I start to get really active and start with exercising and aiming to get down a few dress sizes by the end of the year. I do tend to set high weight loss goals because small ones do not motivate me, I kind of shrug them off. So I like to set them up big and aim to reach that goal.

In order for me to do this I need to eat differently and exercise more. (No new info there) To be honest it needs to be a priority. Years ago although my diet wasn’t great I was always in the gym 5 days a week. I would also do back to back classes, even with all those classes I did not have the body I wanted because of the food I ate, but I kept my weight down. Lately my life is a lot more hectic and with so much going on I find it hard to put my health at the top of the priority list. Over the past few tears my weight has ballooned topping 13 stone I however lost it and reached 10 stones 6lbs, still over weight but my lowest since I’ve put on. However, I have ballooned again back to 13 stones 3lbs. I am deeply disappointed in myself and I am tired of having those conversations of me losing weight in my head. I have a habit of starting and stopping and then just nothing. So this month I will be kick starting my journey to weight lost. I stated with the before pictures and writing down my measurements.


It took  some convincing to post a picture of myself. I was so close to not doing it at all. Seeing the truth all over social media, but you know what? life is too short to worry about small things like, oh my gosh I do not want people to see me like this. Yet I walk the streets and go out and hundreds of people see me like this everyday. So what if a few thousand more all over the world see me.

So there you have it.  Size 16 and growing. My main growth area is my butt and stomach. These areas I will be working really hard to get down. Now I haven’t started yet although I had planned this one in advanced, unlike my Move it March Challenge; but I am making sure weight is lost at the end of the month.

If you want to see how I am getting on please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on my blog. Till sometime soon.


The guilt

GUILTAs I sit there watching the  box set of Supernatural, I am on season 7 episode 4 called, Defending your life. It is about the Egyptian God Osiris who snatches people who have carried around their guilt due to harming others even though that they have paid for their crime. He then goes onto bring those victims to them and then they are killed.  Before long Dean Winchester (such a hottie) has to go before the judge who is the God, with his brother Sam defending him (such a sweetie). The God then proceeds to reveal to Dean of his guilt. This episode took to me, and it got me thinking about how much stress  we carry around is guilt. Guilt has to be one of the biggest stresses and probably the most heaviest of non physical punishments that we can carry around. It can affect our bodies physically, either by over eating, under eating or even self harm. It can change our attitudes towards our families and friends and most importantly to ourselves. Guilt is a form of slow and long-term destruction if we do not recognise or if we do, do something about it.

Guilt. Why do we have it? In a nutshell we feel incomplete. Not having the family we wanted, job or and career, our physical appearance. How does it come about? Possibly the failure to do something about it or that we gave up a little two soon.  Either way the guilt is a real problem and it is something that in order to have a more peaceful and fulfilling life  needs to be dealt with straight away.

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Move it March Challenge

Welcome to the Move it March challenge. This challenge was inspired by my last blog post The Big to do. It is about getting all the things done that you keep putting off for weeks, months or even years. Not your normal stuff but the stuff that do not deem important. Sorting out computer files, clearing that cupboard, starting that project or hobby. Unless it plays a vital role in your day-to-day lives it tends to get pushed aside and room is made for the more important stuff.


The thing is, when things get pushed aside they tend to eventually become relevant. As down the line you find that you have too many computer files and you can not remember where you filed certain things; or that cupboard is getting over crowded. When you do want to take time out to sort it out, you either get overwhelmed at the thought of spending a few hours on it or you feel as though that there is something a lot more important that you can be doing instead. Either way it gets pushed aside and you will end up with a massive of undone to do list. Bung that on top of your weekly or monthly goals and tasks and you end up with an overwhelming list that you think that you will not get through. The good news is, is that you will.


How to start?

Easy, first things first write it down. All the things that you have said you were gonna do but didn’t no matter how big or small. Get it all. Create a brain dump in your bullet journal or planner. Or on a piece of paper.

Now only you know how you work and what ways work for you. If you are still discovering what it is, well this will be a great way to help you figure it out. You can incorporate your list with your other goals and tasks and make it happen or you can set aside a time. Whether be two days at a time a day at a time or bang it out in a week. Pending on what you have going on will determine how you will organise yourself.

For me I will be incorporating it into my daily life but with the majority of the time spent working on the big to do. I also have a challenge I be setting myself for my business as I want to inject some productivity on this . It is going to be a busy and I am already 6 days behind as I just thought of this idea yesterday so I have 6 days worth of work to catch up on.

If you are looking to make a difference this month and give yourself a good head start to the first quarter of the year March is the month to do that. Don’t disappoint yourself because you failed to make an impact on your life. I have been in this boat and sailed around that island for too long and there comes a time where you just have to roll up your sleeves and buckle down. There is no magic pill or answer except that once it is done, the satisfaction that you will feel, will be immense. Remember you are in charge.


The big to do list

The big to do list. There is a big to do list now? Well, only if you haven’t completed all the things that you sworn to yourself that you were going to complete but failed to do them. I have had a big to do list to do for the longest time and it is only getting bigger.


How does a big to do list even happen? How did I even get there? Well it is pretty easy. If you are someone who is quite busy always got something on the go and other things always seem to pop up, it is easy to push things aside and tell yourself that it will get done later; like next week or a few days, except that those days or week gets extended to months, if at all. Especially if they are small things that seem at the time not to make an impact on what you are doing. These not so important things seem to pile up and can actually play on your mind without you realising it and until it is too later; or when you want to do something and it takes you 30 mins longer than it needs to because you haven’t done the thing that you said that you were going to do.

There comes a point that all those tomorrows are just not going to come and the only way to get them done is to get on with it. Select a day, a week or a month and make it your primary focus. Your brain will force you to abandon the idea, because it is not important so you can afford to put it off for another few days or weeks. But we have been down this road before and only when you make a decision to deal with it and stick with it is the only time that it will get done. When you do get started and finish your big to do list, you will be glad that you have started.


What has inspired me to do my big to do list is the need for another injection of productivity. Sometimes, things do not always work out how you planned for whatever reason and so the need to step it up and take it to another level comes to play. So this month (although I am 5 days late). Gona do a series called Move it March, where I plan to  get as much as I can in the month. Check out my instagram for posts.


Candle Review

One thing that knows how to set the mood right is candles. Be it plain white or coloured; scented or non scented; just for decor or to add ambience to an evening. Over the past few years candles have grown, especially in the handmade community. I myself do love to burn a candle here and there, so I decided to test a few candles from a few local shops. Primark, Poundstretcher, Home Bargains and Wilko. The environment in which I burned all the candles, where in a large room with the door closed part of the way.


Let me begin with Primark. I headed straight towards where the candles expecting to see the usual lovely candles they had in the past. When I reached they had completely changed their stock. I was somewhat disappointed. Now I don’t know if this was the winter ones and the have yet to change over as most of the scents were quite wintry. I struggled to find one that I actually wanted to buy. Then I found one Patchouli and Tona Bean. Even though this candle came in a stylish glass with a silver metal lining, the cold throw on this candle was minimal. I had to sniff quite hard to get any scent. So I was not too impressed. That being said even with  most of their other candles, it was the same result. This candle has a burn time of 30 hours. I burned this candle and I was really disappointed. The scent was almost non-existent. I had to call my son just to double-check. I let it burn for several hours and not much changed.


RESULT: Poor would not buy again 1/10

home-bargins-candleI purchased these Wickford and Co candles from Home bargains. I was quite excited about these purchases cause the cold throw was quite intense. The large jar which is Apricot Blossom and has 95 hours burning time. The smaller jar,  Sweet Pea and Rose has a burn time of 16 hours. With the same environment as stated above I lit the candles expecting a room filled with a glorious smell. I was yet again disappointed. The cold throw was stronger than the Primark candle, but not as strong once it was lit. I think in a smaller room, maybe the scent will be better received.

PRICE: Apricot Blossom £2.99                                                                                                                       ……….Sweet Pea & Rose £0.59

RESULT: Not as good as I thought they would be 4/5

poundstretcher-candleThis cute little candle was purchased at Poundstretcher. The cuteness of it makes you want to buy it alone. The cold throw on this little jar of candle was intense and I had high hopes for this. I do not know the burn time but when I lit this candle the warm throw filled up the room. I was pleased with the amount of scent it threw out. The scent itself is nice. I am not mad about it but it is pleasant. I found that the wick was too big and created a large pool which almost drowned out the flame. I had to pour out some of the wax, apart from that, quite happy.


RESULT: Really liked it. 7/10


This white candle was purchased from Wilko. The scent is cotton and lily which are my favourite scents. The cold throw makes you want to put it in your wardrobe to increase the fresh smell of your clothes. It is really pleasant. It actually puts a smile on my face. The cold throw on this candle is a delight and quite strong. When lit this candle fills the room with a lovely scent. I am not disappointed by this candle and it delivers. This is one of my best pics for the scent and its throw.

PRICE: £1.50

RESULT: A beautifully scented candle and at a good price 9/10


There are so many candles out there on the market some are worth it and some are not. Until you try you will never know. If you think one shop can provide a cheap candle with great throw, you assume they all can. Candles are not all created equal.